How can the private sector make a difference? You can partner with Seven Clean Seas, support our projects and become plastic neutral.

Plastic Offsetting

Plastic Offsetting is a mechanism for companies to achieve plastic neutrality. Companies can offset their plastic consumption (by weight) against the physical recovery or prevention of waste plastic from the natural environment. The vehicle to achieve this is through the purchase of Plastic Credits.

Plastic Audit

We can help you understand your plastic footprint with a Plastic Audit, then advise how to reduce all your unnecessary plastics. When only your necessary plastic footprint is left, we can help you offset it with a Seven Clean Seas project.

To truly defeat Ocean Plastic Pollution, we need strong partnerships with the public and the private sector.
Partner with Seven Clean Seas

Educational Workshops & Talks

Coastal Cleanups and Educational Workshops are a fantastic way to engage your employees. Book one today and give your staff the information they need to make the correct choices.

Grant Funding

If you want to maximise your impact, you can support a specific project via grant funding.

Some of our Strategic Partners:

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