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Seven Clean Seas is building a community committed to challenging the status quo, getting involved, and cleaning the seas.

Some of our numbers

Kilos of plastic removed from the ocean so far
An empty bottle of water with dented parts, usually found deep on the oceans
There’s a LOT
And look at all the stuff we find



Our in-house sustainability consultants work with companies to help them measure the plastic they use in their products, operations or supply chain.

Whether it is a big stadium, a complex global distribution network or even a small office space, we use scientific methodologies to help you understand your consumption channels. We provide you with transparency over your plastic consumption.


Reduction is always going to be a bespoke offering.

Every business is different, so we help you find solutions that work within your industry, benefit your supply chain and provide maximum leverage in reducing your own plastic usage. Prevention and Reduction are the most important first steps towards circularity!


Plastic is a super material, strong, flexible, light, corrosion resistant, cheap and more!

It is so super that it stays in our environment for hundreds of years (super-bad). Plastic Offsetting is a mechanism used to plug the funding gap in plastic collection and recycling by compensating for your own plastic use!


Knowledge is power. Sharing the learnings within your ecosystem is vital to support your circularity transition.

Engaging your stakeholders and communicating your reduction efforts is a great way to leverage action across your supply chain!

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How it works

Partners buy our Plastic Credits to compensate for the plastic they use on a 1:1 weight basis. 1 Plastic Credit = 1,000kg of plastic removed from the environment.

All Seven Clean Seas Plastic Credits are third party certified and issued through a separate third party Plastic Credit Registry.

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