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Since 2018, we've invested in ocean clean-up operations, remote island infrastructure and innovative technology.

The impact behind our projects


All Ocean Plastic Recovery and Interception activity is 3rd party verified and all data is available on our Public Registry.

Social Impactful

Ocean Plastic Pollution and lack of waste management is an environmental issue, but also a social issue. Strategic hiring means that we can provide a socially inclusive environment.

Environmentally Robust

We focus on government, business and individual collaboration to build partnerships which help us achieve our goals.

Infrastructure Development

We build networks of infrastructure and technology to preventing plastic leaking into our oceans.

Project Summary: Riau Archipelago - Bintan

The project goal is to develop an efficient plastic collection and sorting infrastructure in Bintan, Indonesia to recover mixed plastics via community / business level collection, environmental interception and marine environment recovery. A Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) will be used to ensure plastics are diverted from the struggling landfill and ultimately recirculated into the circular economy via recycling where possible and secondary co-processing
solutions where necessary. SCS builds community engagement ecosystems alongside infrastructure to encourage local stakeholder engagement and stewardship of the environment with the goal of reducing primary plastic leak-
age into the environment.

Meet our Crew

Siti Kusmiati

Bintan General Manager


Lead Cleanup Coordinator

Iwan Winarto

Community Engagement Ambassador

Riza Provita


Firstia Purwanada

Accountant and Admin



Project Partners

Project Summary: River Plastic Recovery System

70%+ of all ocean plastic enters the Ocean via Rivers, so investing in River Plastic Recovery technology is imperative if we want to achieve plastic freeOceans. Working with Longitude Engineering, Seven Clean Seas developed a high volume, low cost, truly scalable solution. The SCS River Plastic Recovery System will help stem the flow of the plastic that enters the ocean from the world’s most polluted rivers. The real innovation, however, is how we scale with funding, drop us an email to find out more!

Project Partners