We build
Scalable solutions
for Plastic Pollution

We actively champion the ideal of pristine, plastic-free oceans and the empowerment of coastal communities. Our mission is deeply rooted in hands-on environmental stewardship, nurturing sustainable ecosystems for future generations.

of the plastic enters the ocean through rivers
of the plastic enters the ocean through rivers
million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year
million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year
of the earth's surface is water
of the earth's surface is water


What we
Believe in

We are driven by core beliefs that shape our mission. Ambitious goals, unwavering integrity, fair employment, and a holistic strategy guide our journey towards a plastic-free world. Here are the pillars that define and motivate us:

Unyielding Ambition

Fuelling our fight against ocean plastic, our ambition is off the scale. We're not just aiming to make a difference; we're on a mission to redefine what's possible, pushing the limits of impact on a global scale.

Integrity in Action

In a world where greenwashing dilutes genuine efforts, we stand firm in our commitment to honesty. Our actions and claims are transparent, measurable, and tailored to make a substantive difference, reflecting the true scale and nature of our business.

Dignity in Employment

Believing in the power of fair work, we ensure that every member of our team, from the waste sector to our offices, enjoys stable employment, equitable wages, and respectful working conditions. Our commitment to fairness extends beyond our mission, into the very foundation of our operations.

Comprehensive Conservation

Our strategy is holistic, leaving no stone unturned. From education and waste reduction to household waste collection and environmental plastic recovery, we give equal weight to all facets of conservation. Our goal is a world free of plastic pollution, achieved through a multi-pronged approach that addresses the root causes and the symptoms alike.

Our founding team

Ben Moody
Co-Founder & CCO

Ocean enthusiast, very average surfer; dedicated to green startups, tech and building great teams.

Pamela Correia
Co-Founder & HR

Growing up in Rio cultivated in me a love for the sea that I carry into my work. As a co-founder, I blend finance and HR skills to support Seven Clean Seas' sustainability mission.

Tom Peacock-Nazil
Founder & CEO

Leveraging a decade of diverse commercial experience, Tom rebooted his lifelong passion for the natural world, focusing on amplifying ocean conservation efforts with Seven Clean Seas.

Meet our

Oliver Kade

Technical Director

“Technical Director and Self-proclaimed Waste Man at Seven Clean Seas. Lover of waves, hater of non-compostable hydro-carbon polymers.”

Siti Kusmiati

Head of Indonesia

“I manage and oversee the day-to-day project operations in Indonesia, to drive project success in a dynamic field environment”

Emily Deacon

Head of Growth

“Self-proclaimed Queen of Culture and Sales. Adamant that mission-driven business partnerships will be the catalyst for saving our oceans!”

Corlevin Marby Kalalo

Senior Project Manager

“Cool-headed and strategically crafted initiatives at Seven Clean Seas, waving goodbye to ocean plastics for a future of chill sustainability.”

Boon Jitwattanasilp

Thailand Site Manager

"Overseeing  our expansion to Thailand, including implementation of the High Impact Plastic Pollution Remover (HIPPO), the river debris recovery vessel in Chao Phraya river in Bangkok."

James Myring


“Chief operating officer with +25 years experience across various industries. A results-oriented professional focused on efficient delivery of our impact driven projects.” 

Work for
the ocean

Wanna join the team?

Give a meaning to all those hours you already spend in front of the computer and help us clean our oceans! We are always looking for talented individuals from every corner of the world and we are looking forward to your spontaneous application.

Send us your CV and Cover Letter to: hello@sevencleanseas.com

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