River Bengkong, Indonesia

River Bengkong, Indonesia


The Bengkong River, a 2.81 km river situated within our Ocean Impact Project sites, originates in the heart of Batam and courses through densely populated residential and industrial areas, ultimately discharging into the ocean. Unfortunately, the river's current state reveals a disconcerting black colouration and an accumulation of waste, notably plastic.

More than 70% of all ocean plastic enters the ocean via rivers. Rivers provide a problematic “conveyor belt” of ocean plastics and, at the same time, an opportunity for addressing problems more efficiently before it can have higher negative impacts on marine life and our health and capturing the plastic waste before it degrades too much. 

To address the issue, Seven Clean Seas installs river barriers to stop plastic leakage and facilitate waste collection. We are also strengthening our collection efforts and river barriers in collaboration and co-design with the local fishermen and environmental agency – local context and inclusion are essential!

As a result, it is highly effective, has a moderate cost, does not obstruct river traffic, and allows water animals, such as fish, to pass through it.

Beyond barriers, we implement riverbank and boat-based collections, where SCS crew thoroughly sweep the rivers with fully equipped health and safety gear. Through these initiatives, tangible transformations are observed on-site. Notably, the return of fish and other marine animals to coastal and river habitats underscores the positive impact of our efforts.

How it works

River Barriers

River Bengkong, Indonesia

  • We tackle riverine plastics that flow through the ocean or are trapped in the riverbank environment.
  • This revitalises the river quality that provides livelihoods such as food, fishery activities, agriculture, water sources, and transportation.

  • We deploy river barriers in the multiple tributaries of the Bengkong River in collaboration with residents.
  • Our barriers were designed with the environment and people in mind by using safe materials, employing safety measures and including local communities.

  • We combine river barrier installation, boat-based, and riverbank collection.
  • Our first river barriers stopped over 300,000 kg of riverine plastic throughout 2023, and we are ready to scale further!

Material Recovery Facility
  • Recovered plastics that are suitable for recycling are processed, such as turning PET bottles into pellets for recycled products.
  • Pushing circularity - Sort widely non-recyclable plastics that are commingled, contaminated, and damaged to be adequately treated, such as reprocessing (e.g., bricks, roof plates).

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