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Let us tell you a secret about our cap. It’s not only gonna make you look really fresh, it will also protect your beautiful eyes from the sun 😍Mindblowing.
Made of Cotton and produced in Bali
Don’t forget to select how many kg of plastic you want us to remove from the ocean, we will do the dirty work while you’re just there vibin’ and looking stylish!

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The more you know 💫
  • How does this help the ocean?

    Seven Clean Seas builds and operates ocean plastic collection projects in some of the most polluted waters globally.

    We focus on cleaning up marine protected areas and biodiversity hotspots whilst generating fair paid formal jobs in the communities worst affected. We fund the projects through a variety of ways, and selling merch is one of them.

    All our projects in Bintan, Batam & Thailand are third party certified and we adhere to the highest market standards!

  • Plastic Offset

    Whats is plastic offset?

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    Our merch is a creative and cool way to help us spread the word about plastic pollution. We decided to create a stylish collection for you to wear and feel proud about, so use this to spark conversations about plastic pollution, conservation and how we can win the fight together! Don't forget to tag us @sevencleanseas when you post on social media 😎

  • Shipping & Returns

    As an ocean impact organization, we are extra careful about doing everything we can to leave the smallest possible footprint and be as sustainable as possible.

    Shipping worldwide costs $20 for orders below $29.99, $10 for orders between $30.00 and $49.99, while it’s free for orders above $50.00.

    Returns are available, but we kindly ask you to think twice before purchasing a product that you might need to ship back to reduce your footprint. Please check out our size guide before ordering!

    We encourage you to donate clothes that need returning and contact us at so we can take care of the replacement.