How can organisations reduce their plastic impact?

You cannot manage what you don’t measure. Start your plastic reduction journey now with our in-house sustainability consultants to determine your plastic footprint across the value chain and set actionable reduction targets.

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How can your business reduce its plastic impact?

Operational Plastic Footprint

Determine the waste generation resulting from your business' operation.

We use our plastic specific Waste Audit methodology to collect data used to accurately determine the quantity and composition of waste generation.

We identify hotspots of plastic consumption within a facility to generate effective reduction strategies.

The Waste Audit is not just limited to plastic! We also can include all waste streams.

Our waste auditors are all TRUE Zero Waste Certified Advisors.

Product Footprint & Leakage Analysis

Determining the plastic footprint and leakage of your products and packaging across the value chain.

We determine the plastic footprint of a product per sales country.

By understanding the percentage of mismanaged waste and type of plastic we can determine the leakage of plastic into Ocean, Freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems.

This helps identify plastic hotspots and variation per geographical market to render targeted reduction efforts.

Our methodology for analysis is in alignment with the Verra Plastic Waste Reduction Standard.

Target Setting

Generate informed and strategic goals on plastic reduction.

We help you generate plastic targets, based on company values and gained knowledge from our footprinting methodologies.

Using company wide participatory engagement techniques we generate a consensus on the future of plastic consumption.

Engaging the employees within a business increases awareness and helps generate buy-in, thus unifying the company behind a singular plastic vision.

Our consultants can also help you work towards TRUE Zero Waste Certified Facilities.

Why determine your plastic footprint?

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