Offset unavoidable plastics by investing in projects that tackle plastic pollution.

A partnership that helps you reach your sustainability goals whilst supporting the locations most heavily affected by plastic pollution.

How can you make an impact?

Plastic Neutral Products

Practice Responsible Commerce

Many products, packaging and supply chains contain necessary plastics which come with a socio-environmental cost.

Measure, Reduce then Offset your plastic footprint through the purchase of Plastic Credits and achieve Plastic Neutrality.

Eliminate the environmental footprint whilst creating social and environmental impact in the worlds worst plastic polluted locations.

Plastic Neutral Business

From your operations to your workforce

Business operations often require plastics. We can help you measure, reduce then offset your Plastic Footprint to become a Plastic Neutral Business.

Staff often consume single use plastics whist at work. We can help implement education, reduction and offsetting strategies so you can have a Plastic Neutral Workforce.

Ocean Positive Partnerships

Let's work together

Make your next event Plastic Neutral through the purchase of Plastic Credits.

Our Plastic Neutral Event process can include plastic footprint estimation, reduction implementation, in situ measurement, post event analysis and offsetting.

Plastic Neutral events

Events worth going to

Commission Seven Clean Seas to recover a predetermined weight of plastic from some of the worlds most plastic polluted locations.

Why not say thank you by recovering ocean plastic for each deal you close, product you sell or attendee you have?

Avoid unnecessary corporate swag by offering ocean cleanup as corporate / employee gifts.

How it works?


Business Buys a Plastic Credit (1,000kg) from Seven Clean Seas


Seven Clean Seas' Cleanup Crew recovers / intercepts plastic from a Marine Protected Area.


Recovered Ocean Plastic is sent for sorting, separating and classification in our Materials Sorting Facility.


Seven Clean Seas issues a Plastic Credit Certificate to the client.

Download our UNEP Case Study for more info

Get started in 3 easy steps

Step: 1

Calculate Plastic Footprint

Calculate your plastic footprint and decide which offsetting partnership you would like to engage us with. If you need help, we are able to do a Plastic Audit with you.

Step: 2

Offset through Plastic Credits

Purchase Plastic Credits and Seven Clean Seas will remove the equivalent amount of plastic from marine areas that are most heavily impacted by plastic waste, through our projects.

Step: 3

Certify Your Impact

Receive a Plastic Credit Certification and media assets from the plastic recovery project to document and share with your audience, office or clients.

Want to offset your individual plastic use?

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Our Offsetting Partners

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